Experience the soul and spirit of the Native American flute

A Journey through Zion National Park

A journey to Zion is much more than submergence into a haven of mesas, canyons,
meandering streams and the memories of the Ancient Ones. 

Each June it becomes a "Mecca" for those who
have chosen the Native American
flute as their connection to peace,
spirituality and love of the land that was once
inhabited by our historical Native Americans.

From Chaco Canyon as the center of the Anasazi universe, the Ancestral Puebloans lived peacefully in Zion for centuries.

Flute enthusiasts from all over the world come to honor them with
the joy of hearing all who play in tribute and respect of this
ancient instrument.  Enter this enchanted land deep in the red
canyon lands of southern Utah and find your journey.

Springdale, Utah - gateway to Zion National Park.

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